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Accidental Artist

Wed, Aug 25 - 5:47 am
Carrie Jacobson - Source

Port Dufferin, Nova Scotia, isn't much more than a wide place in the road. But for Heather and me, it was a quiet, lovely, serene stopover on our way home from Canada. - - read more

Ikebana on the Eastern Shore…it was great fun!

Tue, Jun 15 - 8:10 am
Ferdinand Ballesteros - Source

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Mon, Dec 01 - 1:11 pm
Brian Rathjen, Shira Kamil - Source

Halifax to Cape BretonThe rains from the previous day's ride had left, but there was still plenty of moisture in the air that morning. Bruce had his own plans, so after packing up the steeds we waved our goodbye along the streets of Halifax.Shira and I circled the famed British Fort called the Citadel sitting like a silent watchman atop the giant natural hill a water's edge, and then crossed Halifax Bay and picked up the coast road east called the Marine Drive which we rode for the entire day.Far faster and with many more elevation changes, twists, turns and spectacular views this road was a delight.In Port Dufferin we spotted a small seaside inn and restaurant called the Marquis of Dufferin (See GAADR). The lobster roll was great, but the chowder was beyond anything we had ever had - chunks of haddock, oysters, salmon and mussels all in a wonderfully spicy cream soup.While at the Dufferin I found a local photographer's work that truly caught my eye. It is rare that I am so moved by new work, as there are so many incredible camera folk out there these days, but this woman, Connie Publicover, with her images of water drops was stunning and I ended up carefully packing a small print of hers away in my saddlebag. Please take, the time to see her work artists like this is one o the reasons to ride to Nova Scotia. - - read more

Photographing the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia

Tue, Jan 01 - 11:20 am
Bob Kerr, Brenda Dean, Melvina Weatherby, Cathy Mooney - Source

A Photographic Weekend Experience with Lenn Wagg
for the complete article with pictures:

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Single Parent Tours

Thu, Oct 25 - 2:25 pm
Brenda Elwell (aka GlobalBrenda) - Source

Fabulous tips and special travel deals for single parents. - - read more


Sun, Mar 25 - 2:23 pm
Richard Whitby - Source

Its misty eastern shore holds a wealth of history and natural attractions - - read more

Richard Whitby had this to say about us in The Record

Sun, Mar 25 - 11:07 am
Richard Whitby - Source

"The Marquis of Dufferin in Port Dufferin is one of the nicer hotels along the Marine Drive, with a terrific vista across a bay to the ocean and a pier for watching the spectacular sunsets. Hosts David and Patricia Criss are attentive to their guests, and their evenings in the hotel bar are not to be missed." - - read more

Black to Business

Sat, Jul 01 - 12:11 pm
Carol Dobson - Source

Black to Business
The Periodical of the Black Business Initiative
Summer 2006, Number 33
It all began with the search for a lobster roll. Not just any old lobster roll but one with a toasted sesame seed bun, crisp fresh lettuce just out of the garden, the right mix of mayo and celery, and fresh from the wharf, juicy lobster meat. David Criss and his wife Patricia took a trip to David’s home province in the summer of 2004. As they toured the province, he kept looking for a real down-east lob- ster roll. Each one he tried just didn’t have the right combination, until they stopped at the Marquis of Dufferin Seaside Inn in Port Dufferin on the Eastern Shore. - - read more

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Marquis of Dufferin Seaside Inn

25658 Highway 7 Port Dufferin, Nova Scotia B0J 2R0
tel: 902-654-2696 | fax: 902-654-2406
Toll Free Number: 1-877-654-2696

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